Introducing Ticker Tape
New features in this release
Administrator Overview
Agent Overview
Deploying Ticker Tape
Deciding upon Site type(s)
Setting up UNC-based Message Control File locations
Setting up FTP-based Message Control File locations
Setting up HTTP-based Message Control File locations
Configuring Sites within Ticker Tape Administrator
Deploying the Ticker Tape Agent throughout your Site(s)
How Do I...
Add / edit a predefined Message?
Add / edit a Site?
Add a custom option to the Agent pop-up menu?
Change how the Agent message looks?
Configure different Sites to use different Agent settings?
Configure how the Administrator connects to the Internet?
Configure the PHP receiver script for a HTTP-based Site?
Control when the Agent message can show?
Import and Export the Ticker Tape Administrator configuration
Install the Agent software using the Agent Maintenance Wizard
Install the Agent software without the Agent Maintenance Wizard?
Interact with the Agent message?
Send a Message to a Site?
Use Ticker Tape with more than 3 Sites?
View previously sent messages?
Ticker Tape Administrator
Interface Quick Reference
Tips & Tricks
Agent message placeholder variables
Running multiple Agents on the same computer
Frequently asked questions
Does Ticker Tape send any information back to the authors?
Is Ticker Tape free?
What changed in the latest version?
What do I do if the Agent isn't displaying messages?
What Operating Systems does Ticker Tape work on?
What resources does Ticker Tape consume on an Agent workstation?
What's a Ticker Tape "Site"?
What's the best way to report issues / provide feedback?
What's the maximum number of Agent workstations on a Site?