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Does Ticker Tape send any information back to the authors?

In summary, the Ticker Tape Administrator software only communicates with the AmberSoftware web site under two very specific and user-controlled circumstances, while the Ticker Tape Agent software never communicates back to the AmberSoftware web site under any circumstances.

Additional detail;

Ticker Tape Administrator
The Administrator software communicates with
www.AmberSoftware.co.uk under the following two specific circumstances only;

  1. When launching the software, if scheduled, the Administrator software checks whether there are any Ticker Tape software updates. This communication is literally to read a small text file from the Ambersoftware.co.uk website to establish the latest software version number and absolutely NO identifiable information is sent to the web site or recorded by it. The frequency of the update check is controllable via the Ticker Tape Administrator Configuration dialogue and can be either 'Never' or once every 1 - 52 weeks.
  2. If a user-initiated upload of diagnostic logging and configuration information occurs by the user using the Tools / Send Data to Ambersoftware.co.uk functionality available via the main Administrator interface. This is used to upload the Administrator configuration and log file for analysis in the event of issues. User confirmation is required prior to any data transfer taking place and all data uploaded are treated in the strictest confidence, never shared with any other parties and are only ever used to identify and correct Ticker Tape issues.

Ticker Tape Agent
The Agent software only ever communicates with the location it's configured to look at for its Message Control File - this would normally be internal to your organization (with the possible exception of an external FTP/HTTP hosted Site) and is defined by yourself as part of the configuration of Ticker Tape. The Agent never communicates with us under any circumstances.

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