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Is Ticker Tape free?

When first installed, Ticker Tape is unlicensed but functionally completely identical to a licensed version of Ticker Tape with the exception that it is limited to managing just three discrete Sites (rather than the possible maximum of 42) - there are no "nag" screens and no areas of reduced functionality.

If you find that the 3 free built-in Sites are appropriate for your needs or you wish to evaluate Ticker Tape using only the 3 free Sites over a prolonged period prior to possibly purchasing a license, then you can continue to use Ticker Tape for as long as you wish, completely free of any charges.

We'd only ask that you take a little time - literally 5 minutes - to provide us with some feedback on how Ticker Tape can be improved by completing the Ticker Tape Survey - none of the questions are mandatory and your responses help shape the ongoing development of Ticker Tape.

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