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Add / edit a predefined Message?

As well as being able to manually enter a message and configure its settings prior to sending out to one or more Sites, Ticker Tape also allows you to predefine up to a hundred messages and their settings, allowing you to easily select them from the drop-down list shown at the top of the main Ticker Tape Administrator interface. Using predefined messages expedites the process of sending messages out as well as ensuring greater consistency in a messages settings.

The predefined messages can be viewed or edited via the Configuration dialogue accessible from the main Administrator interface by choosing the Edit > Configuration menu and then selecting the Configuration dialogues Messages tab.

Create a new message by clicking the New button or select an existing one using the vertical scrollbar on the right-hand side of the form and then click the Edit button, allowing the detail for the Message to be amended - the fields are;

Messages configuration pane

Once a Message has been appropriately edited, click the Save button to confirm the changes or Cancel to discard them.

The predefined messages you edit within the Configuration dialogue will be available within the 'Predefined Message' section of the main Administrator interface, allowing you to quickly select the required message from those available. As you select one of the pre-defined messages to send out, the settings configured above will also affect various items in the interface, defaulting them to appropriate settings for that message - for instance, selecting the Informational message defined above automatically sets the Valid For setting to 45 minutes and selects All Sites as shown in the dialogue below.

Note that even after selecting a predefined message, you can still alter various aspects, such as whether the Append Text is used with it, prior to sending it out to a Site or Sites. For complete control over the message - including its actual text and type (whether it's Informational, Warning or Critical) use the => Free-text button to send the message to the Free-text message area where it and all of its associated settings can be freely amended.

Main Administrator interface

Note that changes to the configuration of Ticker Tape are generally only active in the Administrator interface once it has been restarted.

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