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15th August 2010 - Update to Ticker Tape, v1.2.1, now available!
This minor update corrects a few small glitches and introduces some additional user requested functionality including the ability to suppress Agent messages under certain circumstances (when a full-screen application, such as a PowerPoint presentation, is running, when the Agent is within particular IP subnet ranges - connected in via a VPN perhaps - and when a particular marker file is found on the Agent workstation.)

Additionally, any message can now be flagged as an ‘alert’ causing it to flash at the Agent workstations and ‘grab’ the users attention. Potentially useful for quickly advising users of rare - and likely non computer system related - safety or security incidents that may affect them.

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5th December 2010 - Minor update to Ticker Tape available!
Primarily a maintenance release, along with a good number of cosmetic tweaks, v1.2.3 introduces a few small enhancements to the main Ticker Tape Administrator interface and optimises its network communications, leading to general performance improvements especially where there are many Sites.

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24th October 2010 - Ticker Tape, v1.2.2, available!
This update corrects a few issues that Ticker Tape had with message expiry times in places where the regional settings of the Administrator and Agent computers differed from the UK norm of ‘dd/mm/yy’, causing Ticker Tape to inadvertently expire a message too soon.

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6th March 2011 - Ticker Tape v1.3 released!
Along with correcting a few minor, but annoying, glitches in both the Administrator and Agent components, this release includes some significant additional functionality enhancements and some important cosmetic changes to the Agent in particular.

Rather than ‘jumping’ a character at a time, Agent messages now scroll smoothly a pixel at a time (though this can be changed) and, through introducing some basic ‘ballistic’ effects, the message bar now behaves in a more natural way when it’s dragged and released.

Additionally, the Administrator now exposes more control over the Agent configuration; along with the option of now allowing the user to exit the Agent software via the Agent pop-up context menu, the Administrator can now also provide a custom menu link to a URL (an Intranet status page for example)

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15th May 2011 - v1.3.1 of Ticker Tape released!
This minor update to Ticker Tape introduces a little additional functionality by way of the ability to view the detail of previously sent messages, but is primarily a maintenance release intended to ensure that Ticker Tape is not accidentally identified as ‘potentially unsafe’ by the ‘heuristics’ mode of a small number of Anti-Virus products.

This particular issue occurs as, in previous releases, the Ticker Tape executables were compressed to help ensure they had as small a physical footprint as possible - unfortunately, due to previous abuse of compression technology in general by some malware authors, the ‘heuristics’ algorithms of some Anti-Virus software are prone to flag up any software using such technology as ‘potentially unsafe’ - whether they actually are or not!  In order to completely avoid this issue, the Ticker Tape executables now don’t use any compression so can’t get confused as ‘unsafe’ by any A/V software..  Please see this forum post for additional background and the results of previous multi-vendor Anti-Virus scans of the Ticker Tape software.

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28th June 2011 - New minor version of Ticker Tape released, v1.3.2
Nothing more than a re-branding of Ticker Tape from to the new web site,, no new functionality is introduced by this particular update so if you’re already using v1.3.1 don’t worry about upgrading - there’s no need!

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23rd September 2012 - Ticker Tape v1.4 now available!
Version 1.4 introduces some significant additional functionality, a good number of more minor enhancements and tweaks, as well as some bug fixes.

In response to user feedback, a new ‘Deployment Wizard’ has been incorporated within the Administrator software, allowing you to easily deploy the Agent software to a collection of workstations chosen from your Active Directory, imported from a standard text file or manually entered.  This new functionality should make it far easier, quicker and therefore more cost-effective to deploy Ticker Tape within small to medium estates which may not have an alternative standard application deployment mechanism in place.

Additional enhancements include the ability to control the vertical positioning of the Agent message bar, the ability to use ‘placeholder’ variables in messages, improvements to the message log viewing including the ability to export the messages, control over the Agent poll rate, more detailed and helpful tool-tips, along with many others. For a complete list of changes, see the Change History

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22nd December 2013 - Ticker Tape v1.5 now available!
Ticker Tape version 1.5 is now available to download - this updated version sports a number of notable enhancements, including built-in help, support for up to 42 Sites (increased from 21), support for Sites outside of your normal corporate infrastructure via FTP & HTTP-based Site support and the ability to include a logo on the message bar.

A large number of more minor functional enhancements & cosmetic changes are included, as well as bug fixes to all previously reported issues.

For a complete list of changes, see the Change History or visit the Ticker Tape downloads page to get the new version or for more information...

14th December 2014 - Ticker Tape v1.5.1 now available!
This latest version of Ticker Tape version introduces a number of user-requested enhancements, such as Agent configuration profiles (allowing each Site’s Agents to have different ‘Look & Feel’ configuration), the ability to export & import the Administrator configuration as well as a number of functional enhancements to the Agent Maintenance Wizard (previously the Agent Deployment Wizard.)  Additionally, a number of important bugs are fixed as well as a plethora of other minor usability tweaks and improvements throughout.

As usual, for a complete list of changes, see the Change History or visit the Ticker Tape downloads page to get the new version or for more information...