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Ticker Tape Administrator displays a warning message 'Unexpected error #13' in PopulateCurrentOutput

Solution Note that this bug affects all versions of Ticker Tape up to and including version 1.5.1.

Due to a flaw in the software coding that controls the allowed keystrokes in the 'Free-text Message' text box in Ticker Tape Administrator, it is possible to enter certain key combinations that may lead to a malformed message and the Administrator software failing with an error message similar to the following;

"ERROR: Unexpected error #13 (Type mismatch) occurred at line 2640 in PopulateCurrentOutput"

This error may occur both during Administrator start-up, during a refresh of the current Site messages (every 5 minutes by default) and also while updating the Sites with the malformed message.

In particular, this behaviour has been seen where 'Ctrl-Enter' keystrokes are used (accidentally or otherwise) within a free-text message.

This issue will be corrected in the next release of Ticker Tape - in the meantime, to avoid the issue, please ensure that 'Ctrl-Enter' key combinations are not used within the free-text area within the Administrator software and, if they are, they are removed via the backspace key prior to sending the message out to any Ticker Tape Sites.

Where a malformed message has already been sent, the problem can be corrected by sending a new message out to the affected Site(s) - this may be the same message but without the Ctrl-Enter key combination or just a 'Clear' special command.
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