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Complete Ticker Tape v1.5.1 change history


The following changes have been made since version 1.5.0;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 'Invalid Property Value' crash that could occur on the 'Agent Look & Feel' tab of the Configuration dialog with some combinations of large font point sizes and logos
  • Corrected the update behaviour of the screen preview when adjusting the 'screen width' slider on the 'Agent Position Control' tab of the Configuration dialog in large jumps
  • Corrected issue where colour picker on 'Agent Look & Feel' tab of Configuration dialog stopped functioning once the 'Browse for Logo' dialog (accessible from the same tab) had been shown, leading to new colour selections being seemingly ignored
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard (previously Deployment Wizard) now increments failed deployments count as intended when Agent MSI copy fails due to existing read-only Agent MSI on target computer
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard (previously Deployment Wizard) now shows failure text in red consistently on grid view as intended
  • Corrected Agent launch command in Registry to specify debug parameter as intended (either /debug or /nodebug, with no 'debug=' prefix)
  • Fixed 'Invalid procedure call' error that could occur when the Administrator attempted to refresh the status of the Sites while certain prompts such as the 'Exit Ticker Tape?' confirmation was on screen
  • Corrected issue where a newly received Agent message was not displayed as it was determined to be 'already expired' by the Agent under certain scenarios and with certain regional date settings
  • 'Please select the Sites to which this message applies' pane on main Administrator interface no longer 'randomly' switches to show Sites 22-42 when Site status is refreshed when 'Message Send Confirmation' is on screen
  • Tooltips shown within 'Message currently active in each Site' pane on Administrator now correctly indicates status of messages that have just expired
  • Loading of previously saved Site selections now functions as expected rather than setting all to unselected under some circumstances
  • Administrator Tools / 'Upload data to Ambersoftware...' no longer displays an error message during compression of files if Message Log file doesn't exist (as no messages have been sent)


  • Each Site can now be assigned an Agent configuration profile, allowing the 'Look & Feel' of an Agents' Message to differ per Site (Agent configuration profiles are loaded and saved via the new 'File' menu on the Configuration dialog)
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard (previously Deployment Wizard) now caters for Agent software to be uninstalled from computers as well as its installation status to be checked
  • Ticker Tape Agent no longer disallows multiple instances of itself to run on the same computer - this opens up the possibility of running two or more agents configured for different Sites, displaying different messages with their look & feel (and position) controlled by the new 'Agent configuration profiles'
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard now indicates where an Agent installation failure occurs due to a Windows 'duplicate name on network' error rather than just showing the associated error number
  • Administrator Tools menu now contains new options to export and import the Administrator configuration settings, allowing configuration backups to be taken and the Administrator configuration to be easily transferred between machines
  • Where a multi-monitor system is detected, the secondary mouse click context menu on the Agent Message bar now allows you to choose which specific monitor to display the message on
  • Agent debug log file is now flushed to disk in near-real time, ensuring it's contents are always accurate and reflect the latest Agent status
  • Active Directory Browser on the Agent Maintenance Wizard now includes an option to additionally show system-related OUs that have been previously filtered out by default
  • Agent now automatically resumes scrolling if a new message arrives and the user had previously paused the message scrolling
  • When deploying the Agent, the Agent Maintenance Wizard now includes an extra option to attempt to start the Agent immediately after installation

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from 1.5.0 to v1.5.1
  • Deployment Wizard renamed to 'Agent Maintenance Wizard' through-out to reflect additional exposed functionality
  • Miscellaneous spelling / grammar corrections as well as internal HTML tidy-up to in-built Help
  • Corrected spelling error on tool tip help for 'Don't show this again' check box on Welcome dialog
  • Image within the "What to do if the Agent isn't displaying messages" help file topic updated to show correct manual install command line
  • Updated Help/About with additional contributors - thanks for your feedback!
  • Added a prompt to Ticker Tape Administrator on startup for the user to take the Ticker Tape survey if they haven't already done so (shown about 1 in every 10 launches only)
  • Corrected capitalization on hint text shown on 'Messages' tab in Configuration dialog
  • Foreground and background colours shown in 'Messages currently active in each Site' pane now reflects the actual colours in use by the active Message itself rather than the currently defined default 'Information', 'Warning' or 'Critical' colours
  • Added icons, hints and shortcut keys onto menu choices in Administrator GUI
  • Ticker Tape icon for both Administrator and Agent altered
  • Wording on Help / About screen altered slightly
  • Configuration dialog no longer offers to restart Ticker Tape following changes; just advises that the changes will be active on the next Ticker Tape Administrator launch
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard now defaults the configuration of Agents that it deploys to creating a debug log file (this behaviour can be overridden in the Wizard if necessary, though that's not recommended)
  • Agent Maintenance Wizard now instructs the Agent MSI to create a verbose, rather than standard, MSI installation log on the target computer(s) and also includes the date and time of installation in the filename (TickerTapeAgent-InstallLog-YYMMDD_HHMM.txt)
  • Wording regarding Manual Agent installation on 'Sites' tab of Configuration dialog altered to clarify that it relates to when the Agent Maintenance Wizard isn't used
  • Current Site name now shown in banner at top of 'Sites' tab in Configuration dialog
  • Altered the wording of the dynamically generated 'Sites without an active message' choice on the Load Site choices form
  • Copyright date and minor grammatical error in license file altered
  • '--> Free-text' button on Message Log Viewer now disabled if there's no prior messages to show
  • After hovering over the Proposed Message on the main Administrator interface, mouse pointer should default back to normal arrow when moving away more consistently
  • When an Agent message is already being displayed and a new message arrives, the message now restarts at right-hand side of message bar, rather than at the point where the old one was
  • Tooltips added for Logo-related checkbox and other controls on 'Agent Look & Feel' tab of Configuration
  • Example Ticker Tape Agent installation commands file is now rich, rather than plain, text
  • Corrected License file to refer to Ticker Tape 'Sites' rather than 'Geographical locations' as intended
  • Proposed message on Administrator now 'blinks' as the Agent would when paused rather than remaining static
  • Time the proposed Agent message would expire is now also indicated on the Administrator interface if appropriate
  • Minor cosmetic tweaks to log files / dialogs

Known Issues

  • Configuration dialog 'Agent Look & Feel' tab still uses old style tooltips in a few areas
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