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Complete Ticker Tape v1.5.0 change history


The following changes have been made since version 1.4.0;

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue where choosing not to show Welcome screen was ignored and it was still displayed on the next software launch
  • Check for software updates no longer assumes direct connection to the Internet but respects the connectivity options specified within the configuration dialog (which, by default, uses the settings configured in Internet Explorer)
  • Where connection to Active Directory fails in Deployment Wizard, the 'Refresh' button on the AD browser is now disabled as intended to avoid triggering additional errors
  • Administrator incorrectly warned about sending an 'Alert' when sending a special command (clear or terminate) but the 'Send as an Alert' check box was still selected from a previous message configuration
  • Help/Ticker Tape Log Viewer now highlights warning messages as well as error messages as intended
  • HTML report produced by Help/Message Log export now renders with horizontal scroll bar as intended when viewed in Chrome
  • Count of failed Agent installs on Deployment Wizard status form failed is now updated as intended if the Agent is successfully copied to the target computer but then subsequently fails to install
  • Agent now repositions itself on next poll if its vertical position has been altered rather than next startup (if message still applicable)
  • 'Refreshing Active Directory cache' form in Deployment Wizard now no longer gets hidden behind Deployment Wizard form in some circumstances
  • Deployment Wizard now correctly handles OUs containing single quotes


  • In-built help added, accessible from the 'Ticker Tape Help...' choice from the Administrator Help menu
  • HTTP and FTP-based Sites are now supported, allowing use of Ticker Tape where Agents are not directly connected to the corporate network. Please note that this feature is currently Beta, so please let us know of any issues or suggestions in this area.
  • Maximum number of Sites that can be managed by a single instance of Ticker Tape Administrator increased from 21 to 42.
  • License Key dialog now allows entry of multiple licences, allowing a previously purchased license to be combined with new ones to increase the manageable Sites up to a maximum of 42. e.g. If you've previously purchased a 21 Site license, you could purchase an additional 14 Site license (or even two 7 Site licenses) to now manage a total of 35 Sites from the Administrator interface.
  • 'Send to Tray' functionality at the Agent can now be disabled, stopping the user removing the Agent message bar from the screen (unless they're allowed to exit the Agent of course)
  • Sites with an alert style message are now indicated by the Site's status indicator flashing an inverse colour periodically
  • Configuration and Log files are now stored in common Application Data directory rather than the Ticker Tape Administrator installation directory to conform to Microsoft best practice (any existing configuration files are moved if required during startup)
  • Numerous changes to support creation of working / export files etc. to current users' (non-roaming) profile directory rather than Ticker Tape Administrator installation directory to enhance compatibility for 'standard' (locked-down) users
  • Tools / Upload data to AmberSoftware now allows capture of Message Control Files from remote Sites also
  • Frequency of the software update check can now be controlled from the 'Administrator Settings' section of the Configuration dialog
  • Current message displayed in the Message Log Viewer can now be sent to the 'Free-Text Message' text box on the main Administrator interface
  • Messages shown in the 'Messages currently active in each Site' pane on the Administrator interface can now be sent direct to the 'Free-Text Message' text box by secondary mouse clicking them
  • Agent installation via Deployment Wizard now behaves more consistently when re-deploying or upgrading an Agent on a workstation where it is already installed. In particular, changes of Site are now handled as expected rather than being seemingly ignored.
  • Message Log File viewer now has an option to export to Excel also
  • New 'Jump to first Site' and 'Jump to last Site' buttons added onto current Site message pane on main Administrator interface
  • Now possible to specify both an upload and a download MCF location for UNC based Sites; while these will be the same in the vast majority of cases for UNC-based Sites, ensures consistency with FTP/HTTP-based Site configuration and allows for additional flexibility
  • Added 'Message Confirmation' dialog shown just prior to a new message being sent out to a Site or Sites - affords user last chance to review message and settings prior to actual send
  • HTML Output produced by Help/Message Log viewer is now fully W3C compliant
  • O/S filter in Active Directory section of Deployment Wizard now dynamically populates based upon the O/S's found in the AD rather than a hard-coded list, ensuring all available O/S variants in your AD are catered for

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

    Version number changed from 1.4.0 to v1.5
  • Alignment of Site 7 on Administrator interface altered slightly
  • Corrected spelling of 'position' and altered wording slightly in Live Preview button tooltip on Configuration dialog
  • Number of Sites selected is now indicated on main Administrator interface
  • Tooltips and status messages on main interface now refer to messages or alerts as appropriate
  • Tooltip shown for a Site with a message or alert set to expire now includes a space between the message criticality and type
  • Date format of Message Log Viewer exported CSV and HTML files is now always 'yyyymmdd' rather than 'ddmmyyyy' to avoid ambiguity between UK/US date formats
  • Correct grammatical error in error message shown in Log File Viewer when a copy of the Ticker Tape Log file couldn't be successfully taken
  • Added Minimize button to Ticker Tape Administrator interface
  • Version number of any update found is now included in tooltip when hovering over the 'Update Available!' status in the main Ticker Tape Administrator interface
  • MSIExec Agent installation log file is now created by default on Agent workstations when Agent is deployed via Deployment Wizard
  • Deployment Wizard now allows you to configure Agents to create a debug log file while they are running (by inserting a '/debug' on the command line used to launch them)
  • Copyright date on Help/About dialog updated
  • 'Site Active?' text on 'Sites' tab of Configuration dialog changed to 'Site Enabled?'
  • Updated text in License file (no substantive changes, just copyright dates and mention of the Ticker Tape Survey)
  • Added pop-up help text to fields on the Sites and Messages tabs of the Configuration dialog
  • Enablement/disablement of Administrator Welcome screen is now on a per-user basis
  • Status message shown while loading the log file when using the 'Ticker Tape Log File...' choice on the Help menu now indicates percentage of the file processed
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are now used to format the HTML output generated using the 'Export to HTML' button on the 'Help/View Message Log..' dialog
  • Altered 'Prefix message with time sent' checkbox to 'Prefix Agent message with time received' as that more accurately describes behaviour at Agent
  • Up and down buttons used to view messages in each Site on main Administrator interface now enable and disable as appropriate when at first / last Site
  • Corrected pop-up help text associated with the O/S filter on the Active Directory browser within the Deployment Wizard to indicate that it is used to specify which O/Ses to include, not exclude
  • Message status tip balloons in main Administrator interface now indicate amount of time remaining until a message is due to expire or the amount of time since a message expired
  • Exiting Ticker Tape Administrator with the 'Exit' button on the main interface is now confirmed
  • Using the 'Help/Ticker Tape Log File..' menu choice to view a very large Ticker Tape Log file now behaves more gracefully, avoiding a possible transient 'Not Responding' message
  • 'EMail/FTP data' button on 'Upload Data to AmberSoftware..' dialog now disabled while collection and processing of data proceeds
  • Altered advisory message shown at end of Deployment Wizard to indicate that the Agent will be active on the target Agent computers following a log out and log in, as well as a reboot
  • Deployment Wizard now indicates error number on target computer 'connection failure' message if unexpected connection failure occurs
  • Sizes of status panel areas on main Administrator interface adjusted slightly
  • HTML report produced by Help/Message Log export now includes message number in first column
  • Tooltip on Ticker Tape Agent message bar and Notification Area icon now indicates software version
  • Minor updates to installation routines to perform better parameter validation on interactive installs
  • Confirmation message now shown when choosing to re-enable the Welcome screen via 'Tools / Re-enable Welcome screen' on the main Administrator interface
  • General improvements to Deployment Wizard logging, error handling and feedback
  • Progress label on 'Refreshing Active Directory cache' form shown when Deployment Wizard is reading the Active Directory now taller to cater for longer OU names
  • Timeout value for queries when reading Active Directory in Deployment Wizard increased from 30 to 60 seconds to cater for large trees
  • Current LDAP location is now shown in status bar when browsing Active Directory structure in Deployment Wizard
  • Font used in this file ('About TickerTape') and when viewing the log file via the Help / Ticker Tape Log File menu changed to Verdana
  • General minor text / description & tab order corrections

Known issues

  • Configuration dialog 'Agent Look & Feel' tab still uses old style tooltips in a few areas
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