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Can Agent messages include dynamic content?

Solution Version 1.4 of Ticker Tape introduced additional functionality allowing you to include some 'place holder' variables in the message that would be replaced with appropriate content when the message is shown at the Agent workstations.

The place holder variables fall into two distinct categories - a small number of predefined ones (covering items such as the Day, Date and Time) and those representing environment variables defined on the Agent workstations themselves.

To identify a placeholder variable in a message surround it with double percentage signs - if the variable isn't one of the predefined ones, the Ticker Tape Agent software will look for it as an O/S environment variable on the computer where it is running, allow you to include any environment variables set on your Agent workstations.

As an example, the following Agent message;

"Please note that due to an unexpected file server outage, your Home directory, %%HomeDrive%%%%HomePath%%, is currently unavailable."

would replace the %%HomeDrive%% and %%HomePath%% placeholders with the O/S Environment Variable values available on the Agent workstation, producing a message unique to each user;

"Please note that due to an unexpected file server outage, your Home directory, F:\Users\AsimovI, is currently unavailable."

Similarly, including a predefined placeholder variable in a message, produces a dynamically changing message at the Agent - in this case including the current time at the Agent which will change in real-time as the message moves;

"To avoid losing work, please remember to log off before 10pm as scheduled network maintenance is taking place - it is currently %%LongTime%%"

Predefined variables reference:
Note that the predefined variables below respect the regional settings on each Agent workstation, so may be shown differently from the examples below depending upon your O/S configuration;

%%ShortDay%% - Mon
%%LongDay%% - Monday
%%ShortTime%% - 16:47
%%LongTime%% - 16:47:03
%%ShortDate%% - 23/09/2012
%%LongDate%% - 23 September 2012
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