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Complete Ticker Tape v1.4.0 change history


The following changes have been made since version 1.3.2;

Bug Fixes

  • 'Check Path Accessibility' button on Site configuration now refreshes to show 'Checking..' immediately when clicked as intended
  • Corrected the 'Ok' button tool tip text on the Load Site choices dialog which referred to 'Save' rather than 'Load'
  • 'Valid For' time on main Administrator interface now validated to ensure it falls within acceptable range of between 1 and 720 minutes (12 hours) and only contains numerical characters avoiding subsequent error when message once 'Apply' button used
  • 'Validity' time on Configuration / Messages tab now validated to ensure it falls within acceptable range of between 1 and 720 minutes (12 hours) and only contains numerical characters
  • Clicking the form close button (X) on the Agent's 'View in Dialog' form now just closes the dialog as intended rather than sending the Agent message to the System Tray as though the 'Send to Tray' button had been pressed
  • Tooltips shown within 'Messages currently active in each Site' pane for messages that are set to expire are no longer truncated
  • Corrected several instances where incorrect error details were either recorded in log file or shown to user when an unexpected event occurred
  • An empty Free Text message can no longer be send out to a Site as intended
  • Administrator now gracefully handles a number of situations where files in the program directory require updating but the user does not have the correct permissions (configuration, log file updates etc)
  • The flag as to whether a pre-defined message should use the 'Append Text' by default or not on the 'Messages' tab of the Configuration dialog is now correctly saved; previously it was incorrectly saved as the opposite of the expected setting


  • Deployment Wizard introduced allowing easy deployment of Agent software for small to medium sized estates. Allows target computers to be chosen from Active Directory, imported from a standard text file or manually entered
  • New tab on Configuration dialog, 'Agent Position', allowing both vertical and horizontal position of message bar to be controlled by either specifying an absolute position or by a percentage of the Agent screen
  • Messages may now reference specific 'placeholder' variables or, more generally, environment variables available on Agent machines to allow dynamic information to be contained within Agent messages. For instance, the place holder variable %%ShortDate%% can be used to include the date in the short date format of the Agent machine or %%Username%% can be used to interrogate the UserName environment variable on the Agent machine and show the Users login ID - See the Ticker Tape documentation for further detail
  • Secondary mouse-clicking on the Free-text box now pops up a context menu allowing you to choose from a list of predefined variables to insert at the cursor
  • Now checks for whether an updated version of Ticker Tape is available to download - if so, user can launch the download page by clicking the 'Update Available!' message in the status bar
  • Message Log Viewer now includes indicates how many Sites the message was sent to and whether any failed to deliver
  • Message Log Viewer now allows export of sent messages as a HTML report or CSV file (for import into Excel for example)
  • Rate that Agent polls for changes to its Message Control File can now be specified during its installation (default rate is once per minute, but can be anywhere between 1 and 60 minutes) This will help minimize network traffic where new messages don't need to be shown within the first minute of them being set to a Site
  • The text of a message currently active on a Site can now be sent to the 'Free-text' message text box on the main Administrator GUI by using the secondary mouse button to click on a Sites message in the 'Message currently active in each Site' pane and selecting 'Send to Free-text' - useful if you're previously sent a non-predefined message out to the Site

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from 1.3.2 to v1.4
  • Minimum configurable percentage width of Agent message bar reduced from 20% of screen to 5%
  • Site status can now be manually refreshed by clicking the 'Site refresh due in x seconds' panel in the lower right corner of the Administrator dialog
  • Administrator status bar contains a link to the Ticker Tape survey (unless a software update is available as the update message will take precedence)
  • Message Log Viewer now utilizes iconic ticks and crosses rather than checkboxes to indicate whether the message was sent to a particular Site.
  • Numerous minor corrections and updates to tool tip text shown through-out
  • Implemented 'bubble' tool tip mechanism allowing clearer and more useful tool tips to be displayed on both Administrator and Agent
  • Message shown in 'Proposed Message' area altered to refer to 'Agents' rather that 'Clients' when a special command is chosen
  • Altered 'Ok!' buttons on Help/Program History dialog and Help/About dialogs to be 'Close' buttons instead to better reflect use
  • Re-organised Tools and Help menus
  • Open hand icon now displayed when mouse hovers over 'Proposed Message' area on main Administrator dialog
  • "Delete the selected definition" confirmation dialog on the Load Site Choices dialog now defaults to the 'No' button
  • Configuration dialog now centers to Ticker Tape Administrator window rather than screen
  • Message validity time on 'Messages' tab of Configuration dialog no longer immediately prompts that invalid values are out of bounds - they're corrected as the field looses focus
  • Altered 'Refresh Sites every' related text on Administrator Settings tab of Configuration dialog to refer to 'minutes' rather than 'mins'
  • Help/Ticker Tape Log File viewer no longer allows on-screen version of log file to be altered
  • Made tab orders on main Ticker Tape Administrator interface more consistent
  • Exit confirmation prompt title now includes Agent version number
  • Added accelerator keys on Agent pop-up menu
  • Agent message now 'blinks' when paused every couple of seconds
  • Agent message now fades out rather than just disappearing if user chooses to exit the Agent from its pop-up context menu (whether the choice is available or not is controlled by the Administrator software)
  • Message Log viewer now displays 'Alert', 'Valid For' and 'Message' fields as 'n/a' if Message Type was a control message such as 'Clear' or 'Terminate'
  • Sample Agent messages show in Configuration dialog's 'Agent Look & Feel' tab and via Live Preview now include some dynamic content, showing time, day & date
  • Paths for Test Sites in 'Sites' tab on Configuration dialog now default to fully qualified path rather than short path
  • Wording regarding installation of Agent software on Sites tab of Configuration dialog altered to refer to Deployment Wizard
  • Help/On the Web links updated to link to the Support pages rather than (now deprecated) forum
  • Help text for message 'Validity' setting on Message tab of Configuration form altered
  • Default width of Program History dialog increased
  • General code tidy and optimization in both Administrator and Agent software

Known issues

  • Administrator interface doesn't indicate whether messages currently active on the Sites are alerts or not
  • Administrator software isn't fully 'Standard' user friendly; configuration / work files are stored in Administrator program directory rather than profile areas
  • Configuration dialog 'Agent Look & Feel' tab still uses old style tooltips in a few areas
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