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How do you use BeTrayed?


BeTrayed can be used in one of two different ways;

Batch Mode
BeTrayed can read a predefined file containing multiple commands to place in the Tray (Notification Area) - this is a efficient way of easily deploying and controlling a standard set of Tray shortcuts - in combination with disabling the 'Exit' option, this is especially useful in a corporate environment.

To use BeTrayed this way, create a standard text file (with Notepad or similar) containing the appropriate commands and on BeTrayed's command line specify the filename of the text file prefixed by "/batch:" ie. 'BeTrayed /batch:standard.tray'

An example 'standard.tray' file is shown below:

; Any blank lines or lines beginning with a semi-colon are ignored..,Google
; Here we specify icon #1 in explorer.exe, rather than the default; we also use
; the UserProfile environment variable to take us to the users 'My Documents' folder.
; As the command to run has spaces in it, note the use of the quotes to surround it.
"explorer.exe /n,/root,%UserProfile%\My Documents",My Documents Folder,1
; Here, we'll use a specific icon file as the Tray icon, instead of the default one
c:\downloads,Downloads Directory,dldir.ico
; As we've not specified any description or icon below, BeTrayed will default it to the
; command line and the icon will be the default icon for the associated program

When used in 'batch mode', BeTrayed handles all the Tray shortcuts in the passed file with one instance of the software - as a consequence of this, exiting BeTrayed will unload all the Tray icons associated with that instance.

Single Command Mode
In this mode, BeTrayed is simply launched with a parameter of the command line to add to the Tray (the command line syntax is the same as that shown in Batch Mode above) e.g.

BeTrayed "c:\Program Files\JohnSoft\HexEditor.exe",HexEd

In single command mode, one instance of BeTrayed handles one particular Tray icon - while this is ok, if you have several Tray icons to setup, it makes more sense to use Batch Mode as described above as this is more memory efficient.

BeTrayed.INI Options
For flexibility, BeTrayed allows you to alter that way it works by means of an INI file. The possible BeTrayed INI entries are shown below:

Controls whether the 'Exit BeTrayed' menu choice is enabled when the user right clicks a BeTrayed icon - if set to True, the user can exit BeTrayed removing all the icons managed by that instance of it.

Controls whether user needs to double or single click a BeTrayed icon in order to launch it - the norm is to double-click (a single right mouse click is still used to display the pop-up menu initially - this can be controlled via the 'RightMouseMenuDisabled' entry explained below)

Controls whether the user can right mouse click on a BeTrayed icon to pop-up the control menu - if set to False, right mouse clicking will have no effect and the user will not be able to access any pop-up menu choices including Exit or Help (the only way to end BeTrayed would then be via the Task Manager)

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