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Complete Ticker Tape v1.2.1 change history


The following changes were made between version 1.2.0 of Ticker Tape and version 1.2.1;

Bug Fixes

  • Agent control file read indicator (small yellow dot on 'Send to Tray' button) is now cleared if the Agent encounters an issue while attempting to read the control file under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed error 340 that could occasionally occur when exiting the 'About' dialog while a strap line message was fading in or out.
  • Ticker Tape Administrator now cleanly unloads from memory when cross (x) on main GUI is used rather than Exit button

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from v1.2.0 to v1.2.1
  • Several cosmetic tweaks on 'Agent Settings' and 'Other Settings' tabs on Configuration dialog
  • Format of some messages in debug log altered and amount of detail increased
  • Minor alterations to wording on main Ticker Tape Administrator GUI
  • Marquee around 'Close' button when viewing Agent message in a dialog removed


  • Agent can now be suppressed if a full screen application (such as a Power Point presentation) is running, where the workstations IP address falls within a particular range or by the presence of a file called 'SuppressTickerTape.dat' on the root of the workstation's System Drive.
  • Messages can now be flagged as 'Alerts' so that they flash on the Agent workstations in order to 'grab' the users attention - useful to advise users of rare (and likely non-system related critical incidents affecting them (office security incidents for example)
  • Optimized management of some forms to ensure previously allocated memory is fully released when they're unloaded
  • Ticker Tape Administrator now checks to ensure that only one instance is active when starting to avoid conflicts with any other loaded instance

Known issues

  • (none)
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