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Complete Ticker Tape v1.2.3 change history


The following changes were made between version 1.2.2 of Ticker Tape and version 1.2.3;

Bug Fixes

  • (none)

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from 1.2.2 to v1.2.3
  • Background update of messages currently active in each Site now executes once every five minutes, rather than once a minute
  • Corrected formatting of text in v1.2.1 Enhancements section in this document
  • Corrected capitalization of tool tip text on Free-text button
  • Corrected capitalization of prompt message within Free-text entry text box
  • Corrected capitalization of '2. Message Settings' frame title
  • 'This is an alert' checkbox on Administrator form now has an associated tool tip
  • Improved quality of hand icons used to drag message tape within both Administrator & Agent
  • Suppressed default menu shown on r/clicking the Agent message bar
  • Added note to bottom of 'Other Settings' tab in Administrator configuration dialog referring to ability to suppress Agent by presence of a specifically named file
  • Added tool tips to several buttons on the Administrator configuration form
  • User is now prompted to confirm removal of a previously defined suppressed IP address range from the 'Other Settings' tab of the Administrator configuration dialog
  • Altered wording of confirmation when sending a message out to all Sites to use the term 'Sites' rather than 'offices'
  • 'Sites' tab on Configuration dialog now includes a hyperlink to MSIExec support page giving additional switches and providing command line examples
  • Path of Agent installation package as shown on the 'Sites' tab of the configuration dialog is now a hyperlink to the location
  • Example MSIExec installation command on 'Sites' tab on configuration dialog is now text boxed based, allowing it's text to be selected, facilitating copy & paste
  • Proposed message sample dialog show when Proposed message is double clicked now centers to owner rather than the screen
  • Minor spelling / grammar corrections within this file
  • Other minor miscellaneous interface improvements


  • Current Site choices can now be saved for future loading in Administrator - useful if you have many Sites which can be grouped into specific types (e.g. "All international offices" or "UK offices only")
  • Added ability to filter view of predefined message by Informational, Warning or Critical only
  • User can now right click on the Agent message bar and 'Pause' (or 'Resume') it
  • Messages are now sorted by their Category / message text as they're saved in the Configuration dialog
  • Polling of Message control files from Administrator streamlined to ensure that they're only queried where necessary to reduce network traffic and improve performance

Known issues

  • (none)
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