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Complete Ticker Tape v1.3.0 change history


The following changes were made between version 1.2.3 of Ticker Tape and version 1.3.0;

Bug Fixes

  • Current status of all Sites is now refreshed as intended, rather than just the four that are currently displayed in the 'Message currently active in each Site' pane
  • Corrected potential crash while viewing Help/About dialog
  • Corrected issue in licensing dialog which could lead to Ticker Tape being incorrectly licensed for zero Sites
  • Mouse icon now returns to default icon (normally an arrow) as intended after dragging the Agent tape and then viewing the message in a dialog or hovering over the 'Send to Tray' button
  • Corrected issue where a warning message reporting Ticker Tape Administrator as already running was shown if it was restarted from the Configuration dialog to load an updated configuration
  • Corrected issue where 'Error 0' message dialog was incorrectly shown when attempting to update the Message Control File in a path that couldn't be contacted or didn't exist (introduced in v1.2.0)
  • Status dialog shown during startup now isn't premeturely hidden before initial setup is complete (introduced in v1.2.3)
  • Active Agent message no longer stops scrolling in the event that connectivity to its Message Control File location is lost

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from 1.2.3 to v1.3
  • Error handling made more robust in Administrator
  • Corrected capitalization on default text in free-text text box
  • Corrected capitalization of 'Check path accessibility' text on Site configuration dialog
  • Status bar now gives an indication as to when the next refresh of the Site statuses is due
  • Summary status of Site now shown when hovering over the Site name in the '3. Please select Sites to which this message applies' frame
  • Renamed "Agent Settings" tab on Configuration dialog to "Agent Look & Feel" to better reflect purpose
  • Renamed "Other Settings" tab on Configuration dialog to "Additional Agent Settings" and added a new tab, "Administrator Settings" with previous options split amongst them
  • Tool tip added to 'Suppress Agent when full screen application running?' option on 'Additional Agent Settings' tab of Configuration dialog
  • Message shown when incorrect license key entered expanded to include note on how to purchase a valid license key
  • Added new link on 'Help / On the web' menu to launch the Ticker Tape survey page - provides a quick and easy way to provide feedback to help improve Ticker Tape
  • 'Tick' or 'Cross' indicator shown at left of 'Check path accessibility' button on Site configuration dialog to indicate result of last check to reach the entered Site Message Control File path
  • Numerous other minor cosmetic tweaks through-out to improve look and enhance consistency


  • Agent message now smooth scrolls rather than moving a character at a time. Speed and number of pixels the message moves during each 'tick' is configurable
  • Time between refreshes of Site statuses on Administrator is now configurable
  • Left/right drag functionality on Agent message bar enhanced to include ballistic effects to behave more realistically
  • Maximum length of free-text message that can be entered doubled to 1,024 characters from 512
  • Dialog shown when message bar is double-clicked now includes vertical scroll bar to allow viewing of very long messages
  • 'Load Site Definition' dialog now includes several pre-defined dynamic choices allowing quick selection of, for instance, Sites with expired messages or Sites with active messages amongst others
  • New 'Tools/Refresh Sites' menu option added to allow Site status to be refreshed manually
  • Added 'Show as Alert' checkbox on Agent settings pane of Configuration dialog to allow example message to be shown as an alert when 'Live Preview' is in use
  • Added 'Show custom menu option' on 'Additional Agent Settings' tab of configuration dialog; if checked, Agent pop-up menu can show a custom menu option which links to an Administrator defined URL (such as a Intranet status page for example.)
  • Additional menu options of 'Send to Tray', 'Refresh' and - if enabled / configure by Administrator - 'Exit' choice shown and custom menu choice on Agent r/mouse pop-up context menu
  • Were connectivity to a Site is lost and the Ticker Tape Administrator user chooses to ignore that Site for the rest of the Administrator session, that's now indicated in the 'Message currently active in each Site' frame
  • Welcome dialog added to introduce Ticker Tape to new users

Known issues

  • (none)
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