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Do I need to purchase Ticker Tape?


When first installed, Ticker Tape is unlicensed but functionally completely identical to a licensed version of Ticker Tape with the exception that it is limited to managing just three discrete Sites (rather than the possible maximum of 42) - there are no "nag" screens or other areas of reduced functionality.

If you find that the 3 free built-in Sites are appropriate for your needs or you wish to evaluate Ticker Tape using only the 3 free Sites over a prolonged period prior to possibly purchasing a license, then you can continue to use Ticker Tape for as long as you wish, completely free of any charges.

If you're interested in purchasing a license, there are several links on the Ticker Tape download page here which allow you to quickly purchase a cost-efficient license and immediately enable Ticker Tape for additional Sites. Alternatively, you can use the links on the Ticker Tape Administrator Help menu or the Start menu to choose an appropriate license based upon your requirements.

We'd only ask that you take a little time - literally 5 minutes - to provide us with some feedback on how Ticker Tape can be improved by completing the Ticker Tape Survey - none of the questions are mandatory and your responses help shape the ongoing development of Ticker Tape.

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