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Complete NALalyse v1.0 Beta 3 change History


Many changes since the the v1.0 Beta 2 build;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error 20599 (SQL server not found) when previewing Capture Details bug.
  • Fixed error 3705 (Operation not allowed when object is open) in Data Import dialog when attempting to consecutively import multiple sets of NALalysis data sets
  • Fixed several areas in Import process where it could fail if presented with entries containing single quotes (which SQL uses as a delimiter)
  • Main screen tabs and buttons are now disabled as intended if an error occurs during initialization (such as no NDS authentication)
  • Non-component application issues (such as 'No Admin Notes') are now included in issues count for both current application and overall total on Status screen as intended
  • 'Create Always' entries (File, Registry etc.) are now imported into database as intended
  • Data import routine no longer crashes when presented with an INI file entry greater than 250 characters or a value in excess of 100 characters.
  • Altered INI entry parsing routing to convert non-printable values and entries to HEX versions prior to import
  • INI table entries now populated as intended; previously 'name of INI file' field was inadvertently left blank
  • 'Current application' time label now always begins at '00:00:00' when starting NALalysis, rather than another higher value
  • Fixed potential error 20515 in Application Issue Detail report - could occur when combined issue source and target lengths were too long
  • Fixed error 6 (Overflow) during find when searching streams greater than 32K

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed to v1.0.0 Beta release 3
  • Altered some resolution text in NALalyse database to be more generic
  • Altered message shown if you decide to immediately import the data after a NALalysis
  • Layout of Report menu more structured
  • Added names of contributors to 'About..' dialog
  • Altered title on main UI frame
  • Text within comments field on data import dialog is now selected by default
  • Added various help tool tips


  • New report, 'FIL File Details' added
  • New report, 'Registry Details' added
  • New report, 'INI File Details' added
  • New report, 'Application Flag Summary' added - Cool!
  • During data import, prompt to overwrite previously imported NALalysis dataset now defaults to 'No' instead of 'Yes'
  • In database maintenance, confirmatory dialogs to Delete or Compact database also now default to 'No' instead of 'Yes'
  • Added the ability to detect another 12 or so potential file related issues
  • System DLL issue logic altered to flag problems if file distribution mode is specifically set to 'Copy Always', 'Copy If Exists' or 'Copy If Different' rather than if it didn't match 'Copy If Newer and Exists' or 'Copy If Newer Version' - this cuts down the number of unnecessarily flagged issues, as ones such as 'Copy If Doesn't Exist' are now excluded
  • Reports now start maximized so that progress of reading records is visible
  • Associations report now wraps long Group, OU and Workstations names
  • Altered Detailed Issues report to wrap long Source and Target files and also suppress if appropriate
  • Application Fingerprint report no longer takes Shortcut hash when grouping; also added some explanatory text to the report header
  • Increased size of Import dialog status fields to accommodate very long entries
  • Reference Database altered to default application flag fields to sensible values
  • Application flag fields in database are now populated during NALalysis
  • Application stream parsing routine now writes a dump file out to aid diagnosis on encountering any streams with unexpected/unknown content
  • User is alerted to any stream parsing routine errors during NALalysis (with option to suppress further ones) and a total count of parsing errors is shown at end of run
  • Raw log file reformatted to make it easier to spot errors/warnings
  • Application Associations report changed from portrait to landscape format
  • Added 'View NALalyse Log File' option on Help menu - highlights warnings and errors.
  • Added the ability to detect invalid Icon Orders in an application
  • Enabled Options tab - various parameters to alter the behaviour of NALalyse can now be changed including: Ability to throttle NALalyse eDir queries, whether to append to or overwrite log file, ability to adjust 'slow ini/text' files thresholds
  • Find tab renamed to Tools and now has an additional tab strip to allow for multiple different tools (only 'Find' is currently active though..)
  • Finder algorithm improved and unnecessary internal work removed - in many cases a find across a reasonable number of applications now takes less than half the time it used to.
  • Finder tool now only displays details of applications that include the search text, rather than names of all applications and whether the search text is present or not.
  • Finder also includes a count of the number of matches.
  • Button added on Finder to send results direct to Clipboard
  • Added URL links to useful pages on to Help menu

Known issues

  • Sorting options on reports disabled, to avoid CR error after previewing App Attribute Summary - this should be fixed in next release
  • Associations currently only take into account Group memberships or direct associations, not by OU or Workstation - this should be fixed in the next release
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