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Complete NALalyse v1.1 change history


A large number of changes were made between version 1.0 Beta 3 of NALalyse and version 1.1 - the full list of changes is;

Bug Fixes

  • Associations report now shows full name of OU and Workstation associations, rather than just initial part.
  • 'Overall time' indicator on Status tab now displays correct hours, minutes and seconds on NALalysis runs above 1 hour.
  • No longer filters out 'Locality' Tree classes - this flaw was fixed in Beta 2 but reintroduced in Beta 3! Oops!
  • Corrected issue causing error 3021 during Import (caused by items, usually registry entries, in generated Issues file containing quotes)
  • Import routine now closes its working files as intended in the event of a data import error

Cosmetic tweaks/improvements

  • Version number changed from v1.0.0 Beta 3 to v1.1 (no longer Beta!)
  • Altered INI and Text 'File' counts to 'Entry' counts on Status screen
  • Corrected mis-spelling of 'Maintenance' in main menus
  • Additional status feedback when choosing to view NALalyse log file
  • Corrected text in dialog shown at end of Import procedure when a stream parsing error occurred
  • Options text changed from 'Consider app names with spaces illegal' to 'Consider NAL object names with spaces illegal'
  • More status feedback when browsing Tree
  • Count of available and selected applications shown in Status bar
  • Application picker now uses correct plurality.
  • Traffic light graphic in Status bar tweaked
  • Feedback dialog on Compact of a NALalyse database now gives 'before' and 'after' database sizes.
  • Altered IssueSeverity from 1 to 0 as intended on AppComplexText entry in NALalyse_Resolutions table in Empty_NALalyse DB
  • Adjusted height on Import progress dialog so 'Cancel' button wasn't cut off slightly..
  • Tree selection drop-down disabled if no Trees where found during start-up
  • Main frame text on 'Applications' tab altered to indicate ability to NALalyse applications from multiple OUs
  • Fuller support of Windows XP Style interface
  • Altered text on Welcome screen to reflect non-Beta status and include updated step by step instructions
  • Widened Program History/License dialog!
  • Altered 'NALalyse finished with stream parsing error(s)' dialog to refer user to Help/NALalyse Log File rather than physical log file in program directory
  • Changed stream parsing error dialogs to refer user to Help/Send data to rather than sending files manually.
  • Altered 'Application Associations Summary' on Reports/Miscellaneous menu to 'Associations Summary'
  • Altered 'Brief Issues List' on Reports/NALalysis menu to 'Issue Summary'
  • Altered 'Detailed Issues List' on Reports/NALalysis menu to 'Issue Detail'
  • Report Options dialog no longer displays 'labData' place-holder captions if no NALalyse databases exist
  • Help/NALalyse Log File.. menu option now hi-lights error and warning lines in NALalyse log file more prominently
  • Logo shadow Help/About.. dialog now only shows once logo has finished 'expanding'
  • Import now shows count of each set of entries during imported
  • 'Tools' tab renamed to 'Find' and two extraneous tabs removed
  • Expanded text description in Find pane
  • Shows estimated NALalysis time remaining on status screen
  • Database maintenance dialog now uses correct plurality when displaying number of databases on file in caption
  • Message changed from 'there are no NALalysed databases...' to 'there are no NALalyse databases...' in database maintenance


  • Possible to NALalyse applications from multiple OU's in one NALalysis! Yeah!
  • New Help menu choice 'Send data to' - allows submission of NALalyse log file and any generated stream dump files via FTP or EMail. Data are compress prior to transmission to minimize transfer time.
  • Detects even more File and Registry related issues such as distribution of Windows Password Lists, Perfmon files, Excel auto-recovery, DHCP related reg entries
  • Additional checking of data during Import to avoid database field size related errors
  • Added a prompt to check whether you really want to generate a new data set when the last one hasn't been imported yet.
  • Find tool improved - now includes pre-defined searches for IP Addresses, executables, web pages and MS Office documents
  • Find tool now finds matching text in Directory entries also
  • Now checks 'Path to Executable' and 'Working Directory' for portability opportunities
  • Issue Details report now sorts on Target filename and Issue Type instead of just Issue Type for improved readability
  • Now capable of detecting multiple issues per individual file
  • Now reads whole Tree structure when attaching to new Tree (facilitates OU Filtering, Application counting etc.)
  • Added sound feedback for end of NALalysis run, error etc.
  • Now defaults to the Primary/Preferred Tree in a multi-Tree environment, rather than the first one in the list
  • Additional Tree buttons - Select all/no applications, OU expand/collapse, hide/show application OUs
  • On attribute reports, for attributes containing non-printing characters, now shows all printable characters of each attribute rather than converting to Hex
  • Added additional option, Slow registry threshold, to flag applications which may take a long time to distribute due to large number of registry entries
  • Added link to NALalyse F.A.Q. on Help/On the Web menu..
  • Revamped Options pane
  • Added additional parameter onto Options pane for controlling number of days that Cache is considered fresh.
  • Added additional parameters for controlling feedback sounds
  • Added option to view NALalyse license on Help menu
  • Enabled context sensitive sort options for reports
  • As multiple OUs can now be NALalysed, added grouping by OU on all appropriate reports
  • Two new reports - 'Associations by Application' and 'Associations by User'
  • New option on Help menu, 'Re-enable Welcome screen..' to, erm, re-enable the Welcome screen after you've chosen not to show it again.
  • Revamped registry exclude file, regexclude.dat, to capture more potentially troublesome registry branches and also removed extraneous entries which were already dealt by another entry (as NALalyse matches keys that 'start with' the entry rather than 'match exactly')
  • Can now interpret prompted macro streams correctly
  • Can now interpret INI Section deletions correctly
  • Now indicates whether item is to be Deleted or not on INI Entry Report
  • Macro report now includes prompt text and minimum drive space needed for prompted string/drive macros

DB Schema Changes

  • Additional field, OUCount, in settings table to keep track of No. of OUs in NALalysis
  • Additional field, AppOU, in Apps table to hold full name of OU containing application
  • New table 'NALalyse_Associations' to hold individual application associations to support new association reports
  • Additional field, Notes, added to INI table to hold whether section/item is to be deleted etc.
  • Two additional fields, MinSpace and Prompt, to hold additional data for prompted macros in Macros table


  • Installation is now MSI, rather than VB6's horrible P&D 'Wizard'
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