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During a NALalysis or Find, warning messages are given about NALalyse not being able to correctly interpret a 'stream'

Solution In the eDirectory, a stream is merely a variable length field of data holding one specific component that comprises a NAL object - examples include the Administrator Notes, Registry entries & Macros - they're something similar to a 'memo' field in a database.

Each individual stream is made up of a collection of numerous other sub-structures that NALalyse has been designed to individually interpret and analyse.

Unfortunately, (to our knowledge) Novell have not actually released the rules governing the structure of each stream and their individual sub-structures, so in designing NALalyse we've had to work them out manually by analysing a large range of existing application objects.

While this approach certainly works, it does mean that NALalyse can sometimes get caught out by stream structures which it hasn't been specifically told how to interpret - simply because we didn't test it on an application with a stream that had that specific type of information in it - when NALalyse encounters one of these streams, it has no choice but to abandon analysis of that specific part of the application (not the whole application)

While the number of streams this will occur on is fewer than in earlier releases (as people have kindly sent troublesome streams to me for analysis) there are still particular types which catch NALalyse out.

When this happens NALalyse writes a '.DMP' file into its temp directory so that it may be sent through to us via the 'Help/Send data to' menu option to analyse and make the appropriate changes to NALalyse so that it can correctly interpret that stream type in future.

You can control whether NALalyse actually creates the .DMP files or warns about the problem in the Options tab of the main interface.
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