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The Agent (TickerTapeAgent.exe) doesn't appear to be running following a reboot

Solution Note that this issue was corrected in v1.1 - if you are still using version 1.0 of Ticker Tape, you are advised to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. If this isn't possible for some reason please continue reading...

As the Ticker Tape Agent is installed on a workstation, it adds an entry into the machines Registry so that it is started up each time the machine reboots. If the TickerTapeAgent.exe process isn't shown in the Task Manager following a reboot it may indicate an issue with the Registry entry - either it's missing or the machine is having trouble interpreting it properly.

To check, launch RegEdit and (carefully) navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key where you should see a TickerTapeAgent entry with the full command line it uses during startup

If the entry exists (as expected), the issue may be the actual command line - on some machines, Windows doesn't appear to be happy with the command not being surrounded by quotes. This behaviour varies even between machines running the same Operating System. To correct the issue, the command line needs to be wrapped in quotes which does allow the Agent to be started consistently. To do this;

- Double-click the 'Ticker Tape Agent' entry in RegEdit
- In the 'Edit String' dialog that's shown, alter the 'Value Data' so that there's a quote (") at the very beginning of the line and just after the '..TickerTapeAgent.exe' text (but before the space and the /MESSAGEFILE parameter) - e.g.

From: C:\Program Files\\Ticker Tape Agent\TickerTapeAgent.exe /MESSAGEFILE=\\MyServer\MyShare

To: "C:\Program Files\\Ticker Tape Agent\TickerTapeAgent.exe" /MESSAGEFILE=\\MyServer\MyShare

- Click the 'ok' button, close RegEdit and reboot the machine - the Ticker Tape Agent should now successfully launch
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