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What the purpose of Ticker Tape?

Solution Ticker Tape provides a way for administrators & Help Desks to quickly and easily 'broadcast' different messages to users at multiple remote sites in a non-intrusive way. It's easy to use administrative interface allows you to choose from either a set of pre-defined messages or construct your own with full control over the message type (i.e. whether it's 'informational', 'warning' or 'critical'), which sites the message should be 'broadcast' to and how long the message should be displayed for.

Ideal for proactively advising users of new system issues or updating them of the status of existing issues, keeping them happy and substantially cutting down irate calls to the Help Desk!

But I've got an email system / an Intranet to advise users of system status... Why do I need it? Several reasons... one simple reason is that they normally require the user to 'do' something; check their mail or browse to an Intranet status page for example. And let's face it, they never read emails from the I.T. Dept anyway do they? and they're probably not even aware of the system status page on your Intranet...

...How do you communicate with your users when it's actually the email system that's down? You'd normally just field a flood of calls from frustrated users to an overstretched Help Desk?

Ticker Tape allows you to proactively advise your users of new issues and to keep them up-to-date as things unfold without interrupting them as they carry on working - they don't need to even attempt to contact the help desk as you can easily advise all 1,700 users on your remote sites that the email system is expected to be up 'n' running again in 20 minutes..
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