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BeTrayed! v1.1 - released 1st November 2009
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BeTrayed! is a small 32 bit command line utility which allows you to easily add a collection of shortcuts to the System Tray (Notification Area in Microsoft speak) It allows you to quickly access frequently used folders, files, URLs and applications - even though they were never designed to be launched from the Tray.

For maximum flexibility, BeTrayed! functions in two modes, either single command mode or, more usually, in Batch mode where it adds multiple icons to the Tray, all managed by one instance of BeTrayed! - in both modes, you specify the command to launch and, optionally, the tool tip text to show and an alternative icon. If not specified, the tool tip defaults to the command line and the icon to the default icon contained in the file (or if there isn't one, the one for the associated application)

For instance, to add a single icon to the System Tray to launch Calc, you could use:

BeTrayed c:\windows\system32\calc.exe,Calculator

This would create a new Tray icon (with the default icon from Calc.exe), which would show a tool tip of 'Calculator'

In batch mode, the parameter passed to BeTrayed! is actually the name of a text file containing the individual command lines. To use Batch mode with BeTrayed!, simply pass BeTrayed! the name of the controlling text file, prefixed with "/batch:" i.e.

BeTrayed /batch:Standard.tray

BeTrayed! would now look for a file called 'Standard.tray' - which would contain a list of appropriate commands, i.e.,

; Sample BeTrayed! batch mode control file.

; Note that anything beginning with a semi-colon is a comment and is ignored


; Windows Calc using the default Calc.exe icon

c:\windows\system32\calc.exe,Windows Calculator


; Users shared area via UNC path, using a custom icon.

\\JBF\Data\Users\Shared,User Shared Area,SharedArea.ico


;Launch URL with default browser (using the 3rd icon in browser exe),Contact List,3


;Launch the 3D text screen saver, with a custom icon

"%SystemRoot%\system32\sstext3d.scr /s",3D Text Screen Saver,screensaver.ico


;Launch a new explorer window showing the current users 'My Documents'

;folder, using icon number 1 from Explorer

"explorer.exe /n,/root,%UserProfile%\My Documents",My Documents Folder,1


Using the above 'Standard.tray' file, five additional icons would be added to the System Tray, all managed by one instance of BeTrayed! An example of how the System Tray could look with the additional BeTrayed managed icons is shown below:





Please note that in order to use BeTrayed!, you must be running at least Windows 2000 and, depending on your version of Windows, have the VB6 run-time libraries installed. BeTrayed! has been tested on various Windows versions, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.



Five additional icons have been added to the System Tray

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