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Use Ticker Tape with more than 3 Sites?

The unlicensed version of Ticker Tape is restricted to managing just three Sites - other than that, it's completely identical to a licensed version of Ticker Tape and can be used for as long as you wish entirely free of charge.

If you find that the 3 free Sites are not enough for your purposes, you can easily purchase a license to enable more Sites within the Ticker Tape Administrator interface. Licenses are available in groups of 7 Sites and, if necessary, several individual licenses can be combined to enable management of up to a maximum of 42 Sites.

For instance, you could evaluate Ticker Tape using the free 3 built-in Sites of the unlicensed version initially, then purchase a license to enable management of a total of 14 Sites and then, if your company expands, purchase an additional 7-Site license to allow you to manage up to 21 Sites from your single Ticker Tape Administrator instance. Any combination of valid licenses up to the maximum of 42 Sites is acceptable, although as you'd expect, purchasing, say, a single 42-Site license will work out a little more cost effective than six individual 7-Site licenses.

As well as purchasing a license via the Ticker Tape page on the AmberSoftware web site, you can also purchase a license via the Ticker Tape Administrator software itself in two different places;

Either via the Purchase license to enable additional Sites... option in the Help menu;

Help menu option to purchase license key

or via the Purchase button on the License Key Entry dialogue available via the Tools / Enter License Key... menu option available in the Administrator software;

License Key entry dialogue

Once a new license has been purchased it is delivered electronically to the email address you specify during the transaction and can be used to immediately enable management of the additional Sites - re-installation of Ticker Tape is not required.

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