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Send a Message to a Site?

Once the Agents have been deployed to the workstations in your Sites, the Ticker Tape Administrator software can be used to send a message out to one or more of your Sites.

As well as predefined messages (which can be set up in the Ticker Tape Configuration, allowing you to create a range of 'template' messages directly relating to your line of business software), you also have the option of sending an ad-hoc message or otherwise clearing any message that's currently being displayed by the Agents in a Site.

For this example, we want to send out a predefined message relating to the resolution of earlier Email issues in Boston - we can see from the Ticker Tape Administrator screen shot above that the 'Boston' Site Agents are currently showing a 'critical' message, previously sent out, related to the earlier Email problems - this is evident by both the red indicator to the left of the Boston Site name as well as the 'Message currently active in each Site' pane near the bottom of the interface.

Main Administrator interface

As we're sending a pre-defined message, we have selected the appropriate one from the list of predefined messages in the top pane which has automatically configured a number of attributes for this particular message which were defined when it was originally set up - in particular, that it will expire 45 minutes after it is sent (automatically removing itself from the users screen) and also that it is an 'Informational' message as shown by its colour. A number of these pre-configured settings, such as whether the message expires or whether it's appended with your 'boiler plate' Service Desk text for instance can be altered on a per message basis, prior to sending it.

In this instance, as we only wish to send the message out to the Boston Agents, we've only selected that particular Site in the 'Please select the Sites to which this message applies' pane - in reality, any combination of valid Sites could be chosen here.

The 'Proposed message' pane shows an example of how the message will look on the workstations in the selected Sites with the current settings - changing the attributes in the 'Message settings' pane would immediately be reflected in the proposed message.

After checking that the proposed message is appropriately configured (in particular that it's going to the correct Sites), clicking the Apply button shows a final summary dialog affording you a last chance to check that the message settings are all correct and that all the expected Site(s) has/have been chosen. If all is as expected, the Send Now! button can be clicked to update the Message Control File for each of the selected Sites.

Message send confirmation


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