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Running multiple Agents on the same computer

In normal circumstances, only a single Agent can be installed on any particular workstation, displaying messages for its configured Site only.

Up until v1.5.1 of Ticker Tape, this made sense as, even if multiple Agents (configured to use different Sites) were installed onto a single computer, they would essentially conflict with each other as they'd all share the same configuration attributes (colours, font & speed for example, but screen location in particular) - consequently, the Agent software was purposly designed not to allow more than one instance of itself to run at any one time on the same computer.

However, following the introduction of Agent configuration profiles in v1.5.1 of Ticker Tape, it is now possible to assign differing Agent configurations - including the Agents' screen location - to different Sites, opening up the possibility of running more than one Agent on a computer if there is a desire to do so. This may be the case for example where you have a 'presentation screen', not used by a user, that you wish to display both a 'permanent' banner of some nature on the screen (something as simple as your company name and logo) as well as another banner - in a different position and of a different style - showing other, more typical, information.

As the mechanism to install and configure multiple Agents on a single computer isn't yet built into the Administrator software, in order to acheive this, some manual effort is currently required - namely, a second instance of the Agent software will need to be launched with the correct command line for its Site.

Warning - The procedure below involves manually changing the Registry and should not be undertaken unless you are familiar with editing the Registry and you accept the risk that, if done incorrectly, irrecoverable damage to the computer could result. If in any doubt, please seek the assistance of your system administrator / I.T. Dept.

If you still wish to launch multiple instance of the Agent software, configured to use different Sites, the general procedure is;

At this point, after rebooting the computer and logging back in, two 'TickerTapeAgent' image names should be visible on the 'Processes' tab in Task Manager (you can confirm each processes' start up command line by checking the 'Command Line' check box in the 'Select Process Page Columns' dialog shown by using the 'View > Select Columns...' menu choice in Task Manager)

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