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Deploying the Ticker Tape Agent throughout your Site(s)

With your Site(s) configured within Ticker Tape Administrator and their Message Control File locations set up, the workstations that are part of each Site will need to have the Ticker Tape Agent software installed, allowing them to display the messages sent out to their Message Control File locations by the Administrator software.

While the deployment of the Ticker Tape Agent is, in itself, relatively simple - especially if using the Agent Maintenance Wizard - how you actually approach the deployment and its actual complexity is heavily dependent upon a number of factors including your Site sizes & types, whether you already have an application deployment mechanism in place and the skills available within your organisation.

As you might expect, using the Agent Maintenance Wizard to deploy the Agent to a small number of computers within a single office is normally easier and quicker than using a toolset such as Microsoft's SCCM to deploy the Agent to thousands of computers spread across many offices and a number of different Site types.

Depending on whether you intend to use the Agent Maintenance Wizard or not, for more information, see one of the topics below;

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