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Control when the Agent message can show?

Under some circumstances it may be required that a workstation with the Ticker Tape Agent installed and active purposely ignores messages sent to the Site that it is configured to be part of.

This can be achieved in several different ways through settings on the "Additional Agent Settings" configuration tab within Ticker Tape Administrator. You can access the settings from the Administrator software by selecting the Edit Menu, Configuration and then click the Additional Agent Settings tab to show the screen below;

Additional Agent Settings - Suppression Options

In the bottom part of the screen, three distinct methods are provided to control whether the Ticker Tape Agent will display messages; these are:

Suppress Agent when full screen application running?
Enabled by default, this ensures that the Agent will not display any active message within a Site if the workstation that the Agent is running on is currently running a full-screen application such as a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show running in Presentation mode (note that merely having PowerPoint running to edit a slide show would still allow the Agent to show the message)

Suppressed IP Address Ranges
This is a list of ranges of IP addresses that, if the Agent detects that the workstation it is running on falls within one of the ranges, it will not display any messages. This can be a simple way to suppress Agent messages on a particular group of machines or to stop messages being shown if the workstation that the Agent is installed on finds itself on a particular IP subnet as it is a mobile device such as a laptop (across a VPN for instance)

By default, no ranges are defined and the Agent therefore takes no notice of the IP address of the workstation - to define a new range, simply enter the starting IP address and the ending IP address using the entry boxes to the left of the Suppressed IP Address Ranges list and click the > to add that range to the list.

Note that all IP addresses within the specified ranges are taking into account - for example, in the first range in the screen-shot ( -, the Agent would suppress messages on workstations with IP addresses such as,, &

Suppress via presence of a 'marker' file
The final way in which the Agent can be suppressed from showing any message is for the workstation that Agent is running to contain a file called SuppressTickerTape.dat on the root of the workstations system drive. The system drive is the drive on which the Windows Operating System itself is installed and is normally, but not always, drive C:

Only the presence of the file name is importance, not the files content, which can even be empty.

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