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Configuring Sites within Ticker Tape Administrator

Once the physical Message Control File (MCF) locations have been set up as describe in the "Creating Message Control File locations and configuring permissions" topic, the Ticker Tape Administrator software itself needs to be configured so that it knows the type of each Site, where to upload new messages to for the Site and, for FTP or HTTP-based Sites, the authentication credentials to use if required. For a summary of the different Site types and their advantages and disadvantages, see the topic "Deciding upon Site type(s) "

Selecting the Sites tab of the Ticker Tape Configuration dialog (via the Tools / Configuration menu on the main Administrator interface), allows you to manage the configuration of up to 42 Sites. The details required for each Site are relatively few and, as well as this help, on-screen tips are also displayed with additional information for each item as it the case throughout Ticker Tape.

See the 'How Do I ... Add / edit a Site?' topic for in-depth information on configuring Sites

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