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Configure the PHP receiver script for a HTTP-based Site?

If, via the topic Deciding upon Site type(s) topic, you decide that a HTTP-based Site is appropriate for your needs, you'll need to put a 'receiver' PHP script in place for the Site on your web server - this is an additional requirement beyond the configuration required for the default UNC-based or a FTP-based Site and introduces some additional complexity as well as implying that your web server will need to allow the execution of PHP scripts.

The purpose of the script is to accept the message 'posted' to it by the Administrator software and save it in a location on your web server that the Agents for the Site are configured to poll (their MCF Download Location) - the script itself is relatively simple and, beyond placing it in an appropriate place on your web server, it is only necessary to alter a single line that controls where the received message is then physically stored so the Agents can download it via HTTP.

A default 'receive-mcf.php' script available in the 'HTTP Receiver' folder within the Ticker Tape Administrator installation folder (normally 'C:\Program Files\AmberSoftware.co.uk\Ticker Tape Administrator') - this file should be uploaded to a location on your web server that the Administrator software can contact, with the line that controls where the 'posted' message is subsequently stored (the line starting $destination , line 30), being accordingly altered to match your environment.

Here, for example, the line has been altered to store the message in a folder on your web server called '/tickertape/mcf/chicago/' - it would be part of the path that the MCF Download Location and, consequently, this Site's Agents would be configured to use.

    # Alter the '$destination' line below to refer to the location where the uploaded Ticker Tape message
    #  should be stored for this Site's Agents to read

    $destination=$_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]."/tickertape/mcf/chicago/" . $_FILES["file"]["name"];

In this case, assuming our web server is called 'apps.mycompany.co.uk', that your PHP scripts are stored in a directory called 'phpscripts' and that you're using the default name of the receiver script, MCF locations for this Site within the Ticker Tape configuration, would look similar to;

Note that;

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