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Administrator Overview

The Administrator component of Ticker Tape is the 'single point of control' for Ticker Tape, allowing you to quickly and easily 'broadcast' different messages to users at multiple remote sites in a non-intrusive way, ensuring that they're quickly informed of issues that may affect them without impacting their current work (by 'stealing' the focus away from their current software for instance) - the Administrator software is ideal for keeping users up-to-date with the status of in-flight issues without them having to ring the Service Desk for updates, saving both their time and that of the Service Desk and avoiding user frustration.

The intuitive administrative interface is normally installed on a single workstation and, once configured, allows you to choose from either a set of pre-defined messages or construct your own with full control over the message type (i.e. whether it's 'informational', 'warning' or 'critical'), which Sites the message should be 'broadcast' to, how long the message should be displayed for and its 'look & feel' - the message will then be displayed by the workstations on the Site where the Ticker Tape Agent software has been installed.

Up to a maximum of 42 discrete Ticker Tape Sites can be managed from the Administrator interface showing the status of each Site at a glance, allowing you to easily establish which Sites are actively showing a message or whether a previous one has since expired and is no longer being shown.

All configuration of Ticker Tape is done from within the Administrator software and, if required, it can even be used to deploy the Agent software, correctly configured, direct onto the workstations in your Sites.

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